iGlobal Trading Inc. Services

Benefiting Local Communities

Distributional Services and Export


1. Distributing Services

B2C services:

Import/Export and distribute all kinds of products from Manufacturers to Consumers.

B2B services:

Import/Export and distribute all kinds of products to Businesses, Wholesalers, Organizations

Certifiable Counseling Services


2. Trade Counseling

2.1. Planning and Strategy
  • Provide the Planning and Strategies for our P/C to entry or expand into targeted markets, particularly in US and Vietnam market.
  • Provide consultation to get ideas and cost-effective solutions to help P/C to achieve their business goals.
  • Give consult on pricing P/C’s products and services to ensure competitiveness in their target markets why maximizing their profits.
2.2. Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Determine export/import licensing need for shipping products.
  • Understanding and comply with global product standards, certification requirements, product safety, regulations and packaging laws.
  • Share experience how to avoid issues and dispute related to regulations.

Marketing and Data


3. Market Intelligence

3.1. Industry Information
  • Get detailed information – at no cost – related to P/C’s products and services.
  • Discover which factors influence prospective customers, identify P/C’s competitors and obtain pricing for comparable products.
3.2. Trade Data
  • Get the latest trade data depended on the location, commodity.
  • Find industry-specific trade data and analysis.
  • Overcome trade obstacles to successfully enter US and Vietnam markets. (International markets)

Business Partner Matching


4. Business Matching

4.1 Contact Lists
  • Identify potential partners
  • Market P/C’s products and services directly to local companies.
4.2. Partner Search
  • Identify potential market and get detailed companies information.
  • Determine the marketability of P/C product or service.
4.3. Personalize Business Matchmaking
  • Meet one-on-one with the pre-screen buyers, sellers and business partners through iGlobal Trading’s members.
  • Leverage customize market briefings, research and advice.
4.4. Trade Shows
  • Help P/C distribute your marketing literature at local/international trade shows.
  • Exhibit P/C products and services at Certified Trade Fairs

Legal Diplomacy


5. Commercial Diplomacy

Overcome trade obstacles to successfully enter the United States and Vietnam markets with our team of international legal trade experts. We’ll help you navigate your way through the world’s trade highway so you can get to business as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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