About iGlobal Trading Inc.

Learn About Our Deeply Rooted History
and Our International Staff

About iGlobal Trading Inc.

Your International Leader In Trade

iGlobal Trading Inc. was founded with the goal to deliver the highest satisfaction to our customers and business partners. We pledge to provide the most optimized solutions to your business through trusted products and exceptional services. iGlobal Trading Inc. is positioned to be the point of contact among business partners in, not only the US and Vietnam, but globally. We would love to be your connection among business partners in US, Vietnam and all over the world.

Human beings always play a key role in each activity of a business and a vital role in the business growth of iGlobal Trading Inc. They are our company’s members, business partners and valuable customers. By openly listening to customer’s demands we have a much stronger chance to understand each other and our needs. We can help our customers by giving out and carrying out the best resolutions to reach a win-win solution.

Our Mission and Objective

We believe there is no greater role to play for us than to listen and to understand the needs of our clients, partners, shareholders and customers. With our intelligent and unified solutions to any situation, we will remain persistent and strong across every business market segment in every region. With your support we believe all of our businesses can prosper – together.

Earning Your Trust

Trust is the Direction for all the business activities of iGlobal Trading Inc. It also helps to develop and build up the sustainable business relationships with our partners and customers.

Solid Business Relationships

With all of the enthusiastic, innovation and high responsibilities, our members aim to build and maintain the business relationship with our partners and customers.


Fundamental Strategies:

Communication: We’ll listen to your every need and ensure full compliance and satisfaction.

With the core focus on Listening and Understanding, iGlobal Trading will filter and provide the best solutions as well as the high quality products to
customers. We always try our best help customers and partners
get their highest satisfaction basing on the spirit of patience, professionality and responsibility.

We aim to accompany you every time, everywhere. We are your in need and
indeed partner.

Once you have experienced our services and products, you will
get the highest satisfaction and have a long-lasting relationship with us.
Thank to that, iGlobal Trading have a chance to attract more customers
and partners and develop our business globally.

We’ve Got You Covered: From the fields to the factory to the forklift to the fork.

We are your one stop shop where you can find the integration of high
quality products, optimized solutions and best services that satisfy all
of your demands.