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Benefiting Local Communities

iGlobal Trading, Inc. Is Your Global Trading Partner

Serving communities across the world and uniting businesses in a fast and efficient environment.

iGlobal Trading Inc. was established with a positive goal in mind. That goal is to bring the highest satisfaction to our customers and business partners through effective planning, stellar networks and sharp organization. We pledge to provide the most optimized solutions, highest quality products, some of the world’s most competitive prices and we strive to give you the best experience possible. iGlobal Trading Inc. is passionate about we do and we look forward to working with you to help you connect to farmers and retailers from Vietnam and all over the world.

With our combined business experience and professional staff we are able to offer an unmatched combination of skills that allows us to offer you some of the best international goods at competitively low prices. We only specialize in a few items at a time to ensure quality control and connections are precise and our inventory is regularly expanding with new goods depending on the season and local market.

From Farm to Dock to Warehouse

iGlobal Trading Inc. brings communities together with direct communication and organizing to get the freshest products direct from farmers, into our warehouse, onto the loading docks and right into your shop.

We take care of every aspect of the process from start to finish!


Marketing Professionals

Advertise, Promote and Showcase Your Products With Our Knowledgeable Staff

Our design, marketing and PR team know what it takes to place products on the shelves so they get attention from consumers and we’re here to help you launch and succeed with your sales.

Check out our others services we provide to our clients.


Legal Assistance

iGlobal provides international legal help to assist with global trading laws.

We have an amazing team of lawyers and assistants who have studied international trade laws which will help assist your legal needs to provide a smooth and worry-free product shipment.

You can view more of our services here.

Our Keys To Success

Competitive Pricing Meets Exceptional Communication


With Confidence

We strive to be your sustainable trading partner today and in the future.



A Trade Community

We are customer focused and employee oriented.



Honesty, Transparency and Responsibility

We uphold core integral values to earn the trust of our coworkers and partners.



Thinking About Tomorrow

We understand our market, our obstacles and our opportunities.


Best Imported Products

iGlobal Trading, Inc. Is Your Choice
For Premium International Goods

iGlobal Fine Imports

Only the freshest, highest quality imports available!

From the farm to your storefront, iGlobal Trading Inc. can make amazing happen for your business. Our qualified staff is ready to take on your next project. Check out some of our exclusive products in the link below to see what’s available this season!
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Top International Experienced Trade Staff

Offering Premium Transport Strategy And Expert International Trade Communications Assistance

When it comes to the relationship with our clients, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, understand your needs and find optimal solutions for any situation that may arise. No other international trading company has a more qualified staff that’s waiting for you every second of the day and no other company will make you feel like their number one priority the way we do at iGlobal Trading Inc.

We work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction in all areas in an effort to build long-term relationships that help us all expand globally. No matter which market you’re in – whether you run a small cafe, an international food retailer or if you’re a new business just getting started – we will help you every step of the way. iGlobal Trading Inc. has your back and is on your side!

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We are confident that once you have experienced our genuine services and products, you will enjoy the highest satisfaction and maintain a long-lasting relationship with us. We seek to expand our business globally and attract future customers and partners through our progressive business goals.

We are your 1 stop shop where you can utilize a combination of high quality products, optimized solutions, and receive preeminent service that will satisfy all of your demands and overcome any challenges.